2 More Gold Medals For Team Axis!!! Whoop Whoop!!!

I’m very happy to report today we had 3 fighters representing us at the Naga Grappling Championship in Montreal, QC and all gave it their best..

Thomas Godin brought home yet another Gold medal for his age and weight division.. Then a bronze in the adult open weight (they made him fight as an adult? At 16? He STILL brought home a bronze medal? This kids is ridiculous!! Ha ha ha..).

Sean Preston, at his very FIRST tournament he took out his FIRST opponent in 43 seconds with a mounted guillotine.. Won by points his second match, but had a triangle choke on so tight his opponent was purple in the face.. Awesome day for Sean as brought home a Gold from his division and I’m waiting to hear what happened in the open.. Not sure if he entered or not.

Jason MacDonald suffered a serious neck injury and was unable to finish his bracket. He thought he broke his neck executing a double leg takedown on his opponent. I’m happy to report that although his neck is sore, he is ok and will be back on the mat a.s.a.p.

All of our guys fought hard, I am EXTREMELY proud of all of them and know we can expect BIG THINGS from these 3 amazing competitive athletes as their careers develop.


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