Local Kingston MMA Athlete Fights His Way Into The Octagon

Kingston Martal Arts (Ontario Canada)

Kingston local MMA athlete Thomas Godin (16 years of age) is about to embark on his first step into the world of MMA cage fighting this Saturday February 16th.

“Thomas is a great role model” says his coach and owner of Martial Arts aXis – Daryl Urbanski.

“Thomas isn’t special in any way – except for his burning desire to achieve his goals, ability to follow instructions and his determination to win.” he continues. “When Thomas first told me he wanted to fight & be successful in MMA, I showed him the same system I’ve seen countless champions follow.”

This system meant first Thomas had to get comfortable with the primary 75% involved in fighting. “Every fight has four parts. This is something the Gracie family realized and exploited to maintain their dominance in Vale Tudo, MMA & NHB for over 19 years. Every fight is 25% striking. 25% takedowns (wrestling or throws). 25% ground control, (pinning someone or escaping from being pinned). Then the final 25% is submissions, choke holds, countering those or escaping from them.”

Thomas was quick to master that very vital 75%. “He’s a really dedicated student. He wanted to compete and win so we moved him through our Fightology 101 curriculum into our Grappling Mastery class. Then he tried out and made our competition team… It’s a process.”

Martial Arts aXis primary focus is Gracie Jiu Jitsu “because everybody knows – if you’re training mixed martial arts – then you’re training Gracie Jiu Jitsu.”

Coach Daryl Urbanski studied Gracie Jiu Jitsu at Rickson Gracie’s Academy during his 3 year stay in Tokyo, Japan where he got to train with and support many fighters looking to make a name for themselves.

“Before we put him in a cage fight I wanted to make sure he was well prepared. Too many people don’t care about the fighters and just want to sell tickets and beer.” This fighter prep training had Thomas competing in NoGi & Gi Jiu Jitsu tournaments first to become familiar with fighting in a competition setting. It was also so he would understand the importance of the core 75%. In less than eight months Thomas brought home two provincial gold medals. “Since then we’ve been focusing on integrating his ground game with enhanced striking.”

Martial Arts aXis shares a space with Patenaude Kung Fu here in Kingston. “We’re separate businesses and clubs but we share expertise when and where it’s important. I want my fighters to have access to top quality instruction. Danny is a great striking coach and right now Thomas needs him.” Thomas Godin’s MMA debut is taking place in a cage fight put on by the Patenaude Kung Fu organization in Castleman Ontario. Tickets are available for this Saturday night’s fight and are $30 each. Rides will be organized as people register. If you are interested call 613-214-2305, email skillsforsuccess@martialartsaxis.com or register using the link below now.

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